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Civil service culture
Establishment of Employee Appeals Committee
A permanent Appeals Committee is created in all government entities based upon directives issued by concerned parties.
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CSB Column: Recruitment Department
One of the vital departments within the Civil Service Bureau (CSB) is the Recruitment Department due largely to the role played by the department in attracting and hiring qualified Bahrainis and non-Bahrainis.
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Department of Employee Promotions
A cornerstone of the Civil Service Bureau’s (CSB) strategy is to facilitate the process of delivering efficient government services; the Department of Employee Promotions was developed to focus on all issues relating to promotions, transfer and end of services procedures. The department was named Employee Promotions Department based on decree number 49 for the year 2012 about re-structuring the Bureau.
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Administrative Control at the Civil Service Bureau
The Administrative Control Department at the Civil Service Bureau (CSB) specializes in combating administrative corruption. The department’s mandate is to make sure that all government entities are committed to the ‘proper’ application of the laws and the rules and regulations of the Civil Service in order to ensure justice, equality and equal opportunities and to increase productivity among all employees.
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Annual Leave for Women
The rules and regulations of the Civil Service Bureau (CSB) bestow special benefits for Bahraini women working in the public sector in terms of annual leave.
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Occupational Health and Safety
The Civil Service Bureau (CSB), in co-ordination with all government entities, develops a rigorous system for health and social care along with occupational health and safety.
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Manama, Feb. 23. (BNA) --The Civil Service Bureau has developed a systematic process to train public sector employees which is based on a number of regulations.
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Compassionate Leave
Every employee is entitled to compassionate paid leave for three days in the event of marriage. The leave is applicable only once during employment and approved upon the receipt of a copy of the marriage certificate. Employees are also entitled to 21 days paid leave to pilgrim to Mecca, applicable only once during employment.
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"Civil service culture"Sick Leaves
An employee is granted leave in case of sickness, provided they present a valid medical absence report from a certified doctor. The total amount of leave granted is 24 working days equivalent to two days per month.
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Annual Leave
The various forms of employee holidays was regulated in the executive order number 51 for the year 2012 of the Civil Service Law promulgated in Decree 48 for the year 2010. The regulation covers employees employed in government entities that are under the umbrella of the Civil Service Bureau (CSB).
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