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Civil service culture
Column: Civil Service Culture..Annual increment
The annual Increment (AI) is to increase the employee's salary in the first of January following the completion of a year from the date of his appointment or from the previous AI due date at the rate of one step within the grade occupied by the employee in recognition of his satisfactory performance and behavior, the employee salary including this increment must not exceed the maximum rate in the grade.
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Column: Civil Service Culture .. Wages and Benefits Directorate
The wages and benefits directorate at Civil Service Bureau (CSB) deals with a variety of tasks and responsibilities, which would contribute to achieve the vision and strategic objectives of the Bureau, and to develop the governmental work, the directorate develops policies, regulations, programs and procedures related to wages, compensation, rewards, benefits and leaves in Civil Service, also it supervises it’s implementation, at the same time the directorate reviews and evaluates salaries structures and wages applicable in the civil service to suit the requirements of governmental entities and the changes in the labor market and its future directions.
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Column: Civil Service Culture..Manpower Planning & Budget Directorate
The Manpower Planning & Budget Directorate reviews and prepares the manpower expenditures budget for all governmental entities under the umbrella of Civil Service Bureau (CSB), it also handles the issuance of the required recommendation for the distribution of the budget when preparing it for each government entity, it also reviews the estimated manpower budget expenditures that are received from government entities and assess whether it is compatible with policies on government spending and instructions of Civil Service, it also observes the basic aspects to be discussed later in light of the priorities and strategic objectives of the government, it also monitors the application of the budget and analysis the differences, and discuss them with the concerned government entities to settle the matter.
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Civil Service Culture..Job Evaluation Directorate
The Job Evaluation directorate includes 3 sections, Job Standards section, Job evaluations Program section and Organization Standard section, they deal on the development of strategies and regulatory for programs standards, job evaluation and general standards for the classification and qualifications of incumbency in the civil service, to suit the nature and the requirements of labor market in the Kingdom of Bahrain, this is done by conducting specialized studies, surveys and analysis by specialists, with high competence, experience and reliability to achieve leadership and excellence in performance, and provide specialized consulting services to all government entities.
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Organizational Performance Directorate
Organizational Performance Directorate at Civil Service Bureau(CSB), contributes to achieve the most important principles and strategies contained in the Government Vision, this is done through the deployment of concepts of excellence, organizational performance culture and management reform, it is done by development, improvement and change in management systems in all its own merits , services provided and increasing efficiency and productivity in all government entities through the assessment based on specific standards.
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Column: Civil Service Culture.. Policy & Regulatory Affairs Directorate
The task of Policy & Regulatory Affairs Directorate is to manage the vision, mission and the strategic objectives of the Bureau, and preparation and implementation of HR strategy in the civil service, analysis of internal and external environment affecting the civil service in the field of HR and study of public policy governing the relationship controlling the employment and end of employment.
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Column: Civil Service Culture..Management Information Directorate
The Management Information Directorate provides an advanced information technology to support and implement the Civil Service Bureau(CSB) objectives, through the development of the Bureau’s services to be electronic and managing the Human Resource and Payroll system for Civil Service employees to achieve the technological environment and the continuity of technical support.
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Employee Performance & Relation Directorate
The Employee Performance & Relation Directorate in Civil Service Bureau(CSB) Specializes in improving productivity of Civil Service employees in the government sector and enable them to perform their duties very effectively, through the implementation of management programs in motivation, performance management, career discipline, grievances, health and social care, and occupational health and safety to ensure high efficiency, justice and equality.
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Human Resource Development Directorate
Human Resource Development Directorate is one of the directorate of the Civil Service Bureau (CSB), which have been created recently, it provides technical support and assistance to develop a comprehensive plan for training and development to the Civil Service employees in the government sector, also the directorate reviews and develop policies, regulation, decisions and procedures governing the training process.
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CSB Column: End of Service …..
The employee service is ended for several reasons, including reaching the age of sixty, service may be extended by decision of the concerned authority (Concerned minister or the head of the concerned government authority) after the approval of the Civil Service Bureau, and taking into consideration the provisions of Law No. (13) for the year 1975 on the organization of pension and retirement benefits for government employees, and its amendments, the concerned authority could notify the employee by at least six months before reaching retirement age, it may also refer the employee to retire before reaching the age at his request and in accordance with the laws and regulations assessment for that. An extension to the employee service is possible for a period of one year or more, and shouldn’t exceed five years in aggregate, as required by the public interest or if finding a qualified candidate for the position is not possible.
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