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Ramadan Majales are a Democratic Gathering to discuss Society’s Issues and strengthen National Cohesion
Manama, July 7th (BNA) –During the holy month of Ramadan, the Majales in Kingdom of Bahrain attract various categories of citizens and residents, for they gather people together and strengthen national cohesion, and they are also considered a sign of democracy where they discuss issues of concern to homeland.
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House Speaker to BNA: more legislations, proposals to maintain security and stability; and, the Gulf union is definitely coming
Manama: July 3 -- (BNA) The House of Representatives' Speaker, Mr. Khalifa bin Ahmed Al-Dhahrani, has applauded HM King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa ongoing reform project which has opened vast horizons for freedoms of opinion and expression in compliance with the Constitution and the law through lawful, urbane constitutional and legal institutions and said that there is absolutely no justification to resort to chaos or violence and shunned any breaching of law and order holding implicated instigators and terrorist cells accountable for their wrongdoing before the competent court(s).
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Greater transparency, accountability in human rights sought through ombudsman initiative
Manama, July 3 (BNA) -- Bahrain this morning inaugurated the office of the Human Rights ombudsman, In an effort to clean the slate and put the country on a new trajectory of peace, harmony and growth in all sectors.
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Tamkeen, twofour54 enter into two year media training pact
Manama, Jun 25 (BNA) -- Tamkeen entered into a BD600,000 public relations and graphic design professionals programme with twofour54, said the Senior Manager Human Capital of Tamkeen, Amal Kooheji. The two-year contract was signed by Tamkeen Chief Executive Mahmood Hashem Al Kooheji and twofour54 Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Noura Al Kaabi.
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Cabinet discusses regulations on telecom masts
Manama, Jun 17 (BNA) -- Regulating the installation of telecom masts in the Kingdom of Bahrain was proposed by the Ministry of State for Communications Affairs at the weekly cabinet. It has been a long felt need of the elected members of the parliament and the municipal councils.
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The two - day workshop on building of national capacity in combatting human trafficking
Manama, June 13 (BNA) -- The two-day workshop on building of national capacity in combatting and investigating human trafficking came to a close at the Regency InterContinental.
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Batelco launches entrepreneur support programme
Manama, Jun 12 (BNA) -- Bahrain Telecommunication Company (Batelco), one of the telecommunications service providers of Bahrain announced the launch of an entrepreneurs support progamme. It is expected to encourage aspiring young entrepreneurs to develop and implement their ICT business ideas. The programme has been developed in line with Batelco’s ideas Centre, a state-of-the-art facility featuring the latest communications technologies, located at its Hamala headquarters.
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Arab Tourism Writers Confederation selects Manama in which to hold its annual congress in October 2013
Manama: June 9 -- (BNA)-- The chairman of the Arab Tourism Writers Confederation , Mr. Salah Attiyya, affirmed the choosing of Manama by the Confederation of Arab Tourism Writers to hold its upcoming annual congress in October 2013 in recognition of the Kingdom's developing cultural tourism and in order to exchange culture and knowledge between Arabs on the sidelines of the Kingdom of Bahrain's selection as the Capital of Arab Tourism.
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Bahrain industrial and exhibitions sector growth praised by Minister for Commerce and Industry
Manama, Jun 3 (BNA) -- The non-availability of land for industrial use is an area of concern and plans are afoot to expand the available areas in both the Al Hidd Industrial Area as well as the Sitra Industrial Area, said Bahrain’s Minister for Commerce and Industry, Dr Hassan Fakhro.
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Isa Award winner to use funds for establishing centre for social work from the southern Asian region
Manama, May 26 (BNA) -- Founder of the Malaysian Medical Relief Society (MERCY Malaysia), Dr Jemilah Mahmood, received the inaugural Isa Award for Service to Humanity at the hands of His Majesty the King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.
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