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Diplomats and analysts: Bahrain' leadership wisely dealt with so-called (rebellion)
Manama, Aug 15 (BNA) -- Egyptian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain Issam Awad told Bahrain News Agency that Bahrain's government has dealt with the so-called Bahrain rebellion movement wisely and effectively and in accordance with the international laws followed in such cases, describing the Bahrain rebellion movement as a clone of the Egyptian one, saying that such clone calls have no hope of success.
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Bahrain Summer Festival all set to begin next week, fun filled events and concerts lined up
Manama, Aug. 13 (BNA) -- Bahrain is all set to host the fifth Bahrain Summer Festival starting next week that will continue until September 9. The much anticipated annual extravaganza is expected to draw a big crowd especially from GCC countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar that have 12 day Eid Al Fitr holidays. The Culture Ministry the key event is part of celebrations to mark Manama being named Capital of Arab Tourism 2013.
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Bahraini's and expats all set to enjoy Eid Al Fitr festivities
MANAMA,August. 12 (BNA) -- Family reunions over lunch, last minute shopping for the children to preparing traditional food and sweets, Bahrainis are all set to join the rest of the world to celebrate Eid Al Fitr this week.
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Grand iftars, Qoran awareness top priority for expat organisations as Ramadan ends
Manama, July 31 (BNA) -- The observance of Ramadan remains the same for all Muslims the world over, said members of the many Islamic communities that Bahrain News Agency (BNA) spoke with. However, the breaking of the fast or the iftar as it is called, can vary much, they said.
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Bahraini youths: National Assembly's recommendations assures Bahraini youths a lot about their future.
Manama: July 29 – (BNA) - A number of youths' activists in the Kingdom of Bahrain highlighted that the speedy implementation of the recommendations concluded yesterday by the National Assembly's extraordinary session will definitely usher in a phase of stability and prosperity which enables them to contribute much more in making their future and participate in developing their beloved Motherland. A number of youth activists told the Bahrain News Agency (BNA) that the continuity of acts of violence, terrorism, incitement or attempts to fragment the ranks negatively impacts on youngsters in schools, universities, societies, etc. and makes these institutions an arena for divisionism and strife and swerves them from performing their role in preparing the future young generation.
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The Five-Year Strategic plan (2013-2018) of the Ministry of State for Information Affairs focuses on the following three key strategic issues:
Manama: July 24 -- (BNA)-- The Minister of State for Information, Ms. Samira Ibrahim bin Rajab, at a press briefing today announced the Five-Year Strategic plan (2013-2018) of the Ministry of State for Information Affairs as follows:-
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‘NYK, Hanjin ships calling at Bahrain could encourage manufacturing’ APM chief
Arrackal Alexander M Manama, Jul 19 (BNA) -- APM Terminals, operators of the Shaikh Khalifa bin Salman Port (SKSP), organized a ghabhga at the Bushido Restaurant, at which its Chief Executive Officer Marco Neelsen informed the august gathering, “APM Terminals has signed up with Japanese shipping company Nippon Yusan Kysha (NYK) and Korean company Hanjin Shipping. The first ship will call into Bahrain on August 12.
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National Dialogue the way forward says govt spokesperson
Manama, Jul 15 (BNA) -- The success of the National Dialogue is the only solution to enhance brotherhood and fraternity among the various peoples of the Kingdom of Bahrain. Violence can never win, said the Spokesperson for the Government and the State Minister for Information Affairs Authority, Sameera Rajab.
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Bahrain plans air ambulance usage
Manama, July 15 (BNA) -- The cabinet at its weekly session at the Qudaibiya Palace discussed a proposal to use an air ambulance to transport those in critical state from distant places of the Kingdom of Bahrain. Spokesperson for the government and the State Minister for Information Affairs Authority, Sameera Rajab told the press the air ambulance was needed to save precious lives that could be jeopardized by moving them over long distances and in dense traffic.
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‘Summer without power hiccups is priority’ EWA minister
Manama, July 9 (BNA) -- The Minister for Electricity and Water Affairs, Dr Abdulhusain Ali Al Mirza, assured Bahrain a summer without much hiccups in the power sector. Call centers for emergency complaints has gone up to 40 from the earlier 30, he told the media, after the cabinet meeting early this afternoon. The government has allotted BD40 million for improving the power scenario, the minister said.
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