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AGU’s climate change training workshop concludes
06 : 55 PM - 16/05/2018
Manama, May 16 (BNA): The first training workshop for science and social study teachers concluded at Arabian Gulf University (AGU).

It is organised by AGU in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, as part of activities and studies in preparation of the Third National Climate Change Report and its effects on the Kingdom of Bahrain.

AGU, represented by researchers and specialists in climate change cooperated with the Supreme Council for Environment and the UN Commission for West Asia to conduct studies on the impact of climate change, adaptation, mitigation, raising awareness, and the fields of education and technology transfer.

Dr Sabah Al Jenaid, Head of Geoinformatics at the College of Graduate Studies, AGU, said that this workshop aimed to achieve the objectives of the Educational Group and to raise awareness regarding the introduction of climate change concepts in primary school curriculum within extracurricular activities.

He noted that climate change is an important issue in terms of its impact on current and future generations, posing a serious global threat due to its effects on rainfall patterns, water availability, sea level rise, economic and social damage, as well as its impact on development, especially on coastal countries, particularly those with water scarcity, such as the GCC countries, which increases their vulnerability.”

Most the studies and activities focused on participatory approaches of participation and enhancing the contribution of citizens in preserving the environment, in order to maintain the resources of this country. Accordingly, the Educational Studies Team within the working groups of AGU prepared educational activities focusing on issues relevant to climate change and the environment in the Kingdom of Bahrain, which helps to impart youth with knowledge skills on climate change and its various impacts.

Dr Al-Jenaid said that AGU is proud to cooperate closely with governmental and private institutions and authorities in the Kingdom, stressing on the importance of this continued cooperation in service of growth and development in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The group cooperated with specialist authorities in the Ministry of Education to review the activities, which include educational materials for primary grades in science and social studies. A series of scientific activities were prepared to provide the required knowledge on climate change and its future impacts on the Kingdom of Bahrain, enhancing the role of students in its preservation.

The group also analysed primary school science and social studies textbooks to determine the extent of inclusion of climate change concepts in curricula. In light of this analysis, a set of related activities were prepared in the subjects of science, social studies and citizenship for fifth and sixth grades.

The Ministry of Education, represented by the Minister of Education, Dr Majid Al-Nuaimi, was keen on overcoming all obstacles, simplifying all procedural matters and directing primary education and student activities during the past period. The departments of Student Activities, Primary Education and Curriculum were contacted to select eight schools to which the educational activities will be implemented, representing the governorates of Bahrain. The Curriculum Department also reviewed the activities and ensured their applicability to the classroom.

This workshop aimed to train science and social studies teachers to include these activities in extracurricular activities. The impact of climate change awareness on students was measured before and after the implementation of a range of educational activities.


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