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NIHR submits parallel report
02 : 39 PM - 17/04/2018
Manama, Apr. 17 (BNA): The National Institution for Human Rights (NIHR) said it has submitted its initial (introductory) parallel report regarding the Kingdom of Bahrain’s universal periodic review (UPR) in implementation of the provisions of the United Nations (UN)’s International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR).
The National Institution lauded Bahrain’s efforts in presenting the country’s report emanating from its commitment and belief in the importance of this effective international mechanism to protect and boost human rights protection at the national level and fulfilling its obligations since ratification and joining of the international writs on basic human rights.

The NIHR submitted its parallel report in compliance with Law 26/2014 amended by Law Decree 20/2016 which stipulates the NIHR's jurisdiction to submit its parallel reports, to contribute in drafting, to discuss Bahrain's periodic reports, to express its remarks on them in accordance with regional and international conventions on human rights, and publish its reports in the media channels.

Bahrain joined the relevant implementation and follow-up committee in 2006.


BNA 1130 GMT 2018/04/17

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