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Financial sector jobs increased in 2017
12 : 29 PM - 17/04/2018
Manama, Apr. 16 (BNA): The total number of employees in the financial sector in 2017 amounted to 14,093 employees compared to 14,015 employees at the end of 2016, an increase or 78 jobs, according to the annual survey conducted by the Central Bank of Bahrain.

The banking sector underwent an increase in employment by 45 jobs. Total employment in the banking sector reached 7,447 at end-2017 compared with 7,402 at end-2016.

The employment in the non-bank financial sector (comprising insurance firms, money changers, financing companies, investment business firms, and other non-bank financial institutions increased by 0.6%, taking the number to 6,194 employees at end-2017 compared to 6,156 employees at end-2016 while the number of employees in the supporting institutions decreased from 457 employees at the end of 2016 to 452 employees at the end of 2017.

According to the annual survey conducted by the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB), the Bahraini workforce employed by the financial services sector reached 9,248 in 2017, an increase of 93 jobs. Total Bahraini workforce represented 65.6% of total workforce in the financial sector. The proportion of Bahraini women is 38.3% of total Bahraini workforce under the financial sector maintaining the same percentage as 2016. Additionally, the proportion of Bahraini women with managerial positions is 32.2% of total Bahraini managerial positions under the financial sector at end-2017, an increase from 31.0% at end-2016.

The survey also covered the number of board members of the banks and financial institutions. The Bahraini women held 8.7% of total Bahraini board members at end-2017 up from 6.4% at end-2016.


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