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Bahrain fully committed to combating terrorism, protecting rights
08 : 57 AM - 17/04/2018
Cairo, Apr. 17 (BNA): Shaikh Abdullah bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Bahrain Centre for Strategic and International Studies and Energy, participated in the opening of the Arab-African symposium on Strategic Cooperation, Combating Terrorism and Extremism Through Knowledge and Education.
The symposium was organised on April 16-17 by the Egyptian and Arab Solidarity Foundation, in cooperation with the Arab African Cultural Institute of the League of Arab States, with the participation of intellectuals, academics, ambassadors, parliamentarians, civil society organisations, human rights organisations and dignitaries from 25 countries.

In his speech during a session of the conference titled "Addressing the phenomenon of Terrorism ", Dr. Shaikh Abdullah stressed that terrorism is the most important challenge facing the countries of the Middle East and the world.
The year 2017, according to UN statistics, resulted in the deaths of 25 thousand people, and the injury of 33 thousand others, and resulted in terrorist operations losses of $ 90 billion.
The Chairman pointed to the difficulties faced by the effective and comprehensive confrontation of terrorism, in particular the persistence of strict theocracy, and rogue states sponsoring, managing and financing terrorism and providing safe haven to their communities.
He warned of the "state terrorism" practiced by the Iranian regime in many countries of the region, as well as the scheme of "excessive turbulence" adopted by Qatar to undermine Arab national security.
He said that there is a mutual relationship between terrorism and human rights in its broad sense, as terrorism is one of the most serious violations of human rights. It violates the most important of these rights which is the right to life and to live in security and safety, he said.
He stressed the need to address the phenomenon of terrorism, including beyond the security framework, indicating that security and human rights values are complementary and do not contradict one another.
These are the pillars of any development and progress in the sense that there is no lasting security without human rights and no protection of human rights without security. Neither of these values may be sacrificed in the interest of the other. Therefore, there is an urgent need to strike a balance between national security necessities imposed by the conditions and requirements of combating terrorism towards human rights.
Shaikh Abdullah reviewed Bahrain's successful experience in combating extremism and terrorism as one of the leading Arab models in this field.
Bahrain, under the leadership of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, took a comprehensive approach which shaped an integrated development programme, raising standards in all areas of reform and development. Regarding combating terrorism from a human rights and citizenship perspective and addressing those issues were comprehensive and qualitative.
The starting point was achieving popular consent on reforms by adopting the National Action Charter on February 14, 2001 to complete the formation of a modern national state,
In 2002, under which the principle of separation of powers, popular participation and state guarantees of personal and religious freedoms were affirmed.
In this regard, he referred to the many innovative initiatives to enhance the quality of life and welfare of citizens, such as the launch of the Bahrain Economic Vision 2030, and investment in human development based on the principles of sustainability, competitiveness and justice.
Shaikh Abdullah added that Bahrain is considered one of the most advanced countries in the field of human development according to international indicators. Different groups such as women and youth have accomplished great achievements and equal partnerships. The Kingdom is also a pioneer in the field of religious freedom and peaceful coexistence.
In terms of security, he stressed that measures have been taken and binding rules have been set towards the protection of human rights in the fight against terrorism.
The Kingdom is also a leader in the field of religious freedom and peaceful coexistence. Bahrain recently issued a global document to promote religious freedom and also established the King Hamad Global Centre for Peaceful Coexistence.
Binding measures and rules have been adopted to protect human rights in the fight against terrorism. They include the ratification by Bahrain of the majority of international human rights conventions and treaties, the establishment of several human rights institutions and committees, among those are the The National Institute for Human Rights, the Human Rights Commission at the Ministry of the Interior, the Ombudsman's Office, the Commission for the Rights of Prisoners and Detainees, and the Special Investigation Unit.
Shaikh Abdullah said that Bahrain continues its efforts in the fight against terrorism regionally and internationally, in light of its active membership in the international coalition against terrorism and the Islamic military alliance to combat terrorism.
In addition, the Arab Court of Human Rights statute, signed in March, came as an initiative of His Majesty the King, reflecting the Kingdom's keenness to promote respect for rights and freedoms and to provide assurances towards their preservation.
The chairman reiterated the stress by HM the King on adopting moderation, tolerance and enlightened thinking as key pillars of reform, development and preservation of human rights, highlighting the royal appreciation of Al-Azhar Al-Shareef as a scientific and religious pillar and a role model for the implementation of moderate Islam.
Dr. Shaikh Abdullah concluded his speech by stressing the rights of deepening the sense of citizenship, taking preventative measures towards promoting security intelligence and containing threats from state sponsors of terrorism.


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