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BCCI honours committees, business councils
01 : 51 PM - 19/02/2018
Manama, Feb. 19 (BNA): Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) has honoured the heads and members of the committees and joint business councils of the 28th session of the board of directors.
Chairman of BCCI, Khalid Al Moayed, praised the role played by all the committees and joint business councils under the umbrella of the chamber, describing them as the key tools to achieving its goals.
He highlighted the committees’ success in linking the chamber to its members, addressing the sectors’ issues, probing solutions, and enhancing the vigour of their respective sectors.
He also praised the pivotal role of the joint business councils, stressing that they have not only exposed local business owners to foreign markets but also attracted foreign business owners and encouraged them to enter the Bahraini market and create partnerships with their local counterparts. He commended the achievements of the committees and joint business councils, and called to double the efforts in the forthcoming term.


BNA 1046 GMT 2018/02/19

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