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"Invisible Employee" highlighted at Works Ministry lecture
03 : 17 PM - 14/02/2018
Manama, Feb. 14 (BNA): The Human Resources Directorate of the Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs & Urban Planning held a lecture titled ‘The Invisible Employee’, which was delivered by the Ministry’s Chief of Organization & Manpower Planning Waleed Al Noami.

The theme of the lecture is the importance of appreciation, the method of granting incentives and rewards and the use of correct verbal and moral method to create a work environment that reflects positively on staff’s performance and feelings.
The lecture referred to the fact that most bosses focus on discipline, productivity, punctuality and outstanding performance, where they miss the importance of the human element and neglect the fact that outstanding performance does not occur unless a positive work environment is provided; based on self-appreciation and appreciating others as well.
Al Noami covered three subjects in his lecture, the first of which centered on a fictional story about an island called ‘Kobani’ and its clan; the Highlanders and Walkers. The story aimed to emphasize the importance of appreciation and its impact on productivity. The second subject included five stories from the reality of the administrative life of different companies.
The third subject included statistics about false presence, problems resulting from lack of appreciation, lack of productivity, the reasons why some employees quit their jobs, costs of labour turnover, how to help others engage in work and the importance of appreciation and compliment. At the end of the lecture, a short cartoon movie titled ‘Alike’ was shown.
The lecture is part of the Human Resources Monthly Majlis activities and aims to spread positive thinking, motivate and spread knowledge.


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