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Incentive Awards (2-2)
12 : 54 PM - 21/06/2014

Employees Discipline Award
Employees Discipline Award amounting to BD. 200 may be granted, annually to a number of employees not exceeding 2% of man-power in the government entity on 1st January, and it is granted in appreciation for employee's compliance with the Code of Conduct in a manner ensuring proper government work-flow and performing government service in the best manner pursuant to the following conditions, Early attendance to work without delay, Presence at work during official working hours, Continuity at work except during annual leaves, Employee shall not have taken sick leaves for more than 5 workdays during a complete year, Employee Annual performance rating shall not have been less than Good.

Employee of The Year Award
Employee of The Year Award shall be accorded to government employees with the objective of motivating them to achieve creativity and excellence in an exceptional manner, raise spirits and morale, recognize and appreciate efforts in a manner leading to improvement of job performance, and the Award shall be a lump sum amount not exceeding BD. 1000 in government entities where the total number of man-power does not exceeds 1000 employees.

The Award may be granted – in co-ordination with CSB – to more than 1 employee in government entities, where the total number of man-power exceeds 1000 employees provided the total amount of the Award shall not exceed BD. 2000 , and according to the following conditions, Employee shall satisfy conditions for granting Employee Discipline Award, Rating of employee's performance and conduct during the last year shall be Excellent, Employee shall have distinguished contributions in accomplishing functions of directorate or effective participation in committees and team works in the government entity where employee works and must get the approval CSB.

Suggestions Award
Suggestions Award shall be a lump sum amount of BD. 100 to BD. 500 and may be granted to one or several employees when submitting new suggestions for improving performance and productivity in general and achieving one of the following objectives, Encouraging creative thinking and new ideas, Developing contact channels between employees and the administration, Encouraging performance or services sustainable improvement culture, Optimal use of materials and human resources, Improving competence and effectiveness of operations and procedures, Reducing time to perform the service, Increasing income and profit and minimizing expenditure, Encouraging team-work and collective performance, Improving employees level of participation in developing the government entity, Ensuring safety of employees, instruments and equipment, Encouraging employees learning process and sustainable self-development.

Government Service Award
The Government Service Award shall be paid in cash to employees at the end of their services with minimum of 5 years on service, in recognition of their services to the government entity, and it is paid in the following manner:
Number of years of
service Amount of Award
in BD. Number of years
of service Amount of Award
in BD.
5-9 400 26-30 1400
10-15 800 31-35 1600
16-20 1000 36-40 1800
21-25 1200 41 and more 2000

Employees shall not be entitled to this Award if their Services is ended because of relinquishing of Bahraini nationality, resignation because of abandonment of position, final judgment with a conviction for a felony or imprisonment for a crime relating to honor or dishonesty or dismissal from service by a disciplinary action or in accordance with a judicial ruling.

Government entities shall – in co-ordination with the Ministry of Finance – undertake payment of Government Service Award prescribed in the afore-mentioned table . This Award shall – in case of employee's death – be paid to employee's heirs together with payment procedures of employee's final financial entitlements.

Appreciation and Commendation Letters
Appreciation and Commendation Letters shall be awarded to employee in consideration of performing distinguished work according to one of the following standards , Performing duties of other employees during their absence, Interrupting or deferring annual leave for the purposes of work interest, Performing external functions as to enhance the entity's good reputation, Effective participation and volunteering in team-work.

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