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11 : 59 AM - 24/05/2014
Reimbursements (3-3)

Reimbursements, is the amount of cash granted to the employee in accordance with the employment benefits Regulations that was issued by the Prime minister edict No. (77) for the year 2013 to compensate him for facing the requirements, conditions and the special nature of work related to the job he occupied, the requirement and working condition does not require paying the amount during the leave with pay, the reimbursements are used to face the special requirements, and it is considered to be complementary to the salary, and it is granted to the employee when justifications given , and granted upon the approval of Civil service Bureau (CSB)

One of the Reimbursements, is the at sea or the diving Reimbursement and shall be paid to employees according to some conditions and rules like employee's nature of work shall require residence on board the ship at sea or diving in the sea, working conditions shall be inconvenient and for long hours, this Re-imbursement shall be paid at the rate prescribed in this Article for each (24) hours commencing from the time of sailing, and the rate of Re-imbursement referred to in the previous para. And shall be calculated as follows : BD.(25) for employees at sea, BD.(40) for employees assigned diving functions.

Employees working in Hawar Island shall be entitled to BD.(15) daily in consideration of residing there, government entity shall provide employee with accommodation, food and transportation.

Shift Deferential Re-imbursement shall be paid to employees at the General and Professional Pay Scales for each hour of the prescribed Shift deferential hour calculated on the basis of hourly pay for salaries Determined in the General and Professional Pay Scales referred to in Addendum No. (1) annexed to this Regulations in the following percentages: (%12.5) for work during the second Shift within work rotation of (2) or (3) shifts covering (24) hours. (%25) for work during the third Shift within work rotation of (3) shifts covering (24) hours or one regular Shift between 7.00pm to 7.00 am.
CSB shall determine pay rates for Shift Deferential work, and also shall be responsible for the use of Shift Deferential evaluation in every government entity and Each government entity shall be responsible for monitoring and control of Shift Deferential pay's use, and shall undertake the necessary procedures to discharge such responsibility

Acting Reimbursement shall be granted to employee, it constitutes a percentage of the employee’s basic salary and shall be determined by a decision of CSB with due consideration to the nature of the position held by the employee and the position to which employee is acted to perform its duties, and whether such acting is in addition to the employee original work or for full time . The above-mentioned percentage shall not be – in all cases- less than 10% when employee is acted to a position at a higher grade than his original position or equivalent. And employee shall be granted the reimbursements and benefits decided for the position to which employee is acted .

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