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Reimbursements (1-3)
12 : 44 PM - 29/03/2014
Reimbursements, is the amount of cash granted to the employee in accordance with the employment benefits Regulations that was issued by the Prime minister edict No. (77) for the year 2013 to compensate him for facing the requirements, conditions and the special nature of work related to the job he occupied, the requirement and working condition does not require paying the amount during the leave with pay, the reimbursements are used to face the special requirements, and it is considered to be complementary to the salary, and it is granted to the employee when justifications given , and granted upon the approval of CSB.
There are types of reimbursements, the Nature of work and overtime reimbursement for doctors and it is paid at a rate of hourly wage from the basic salary as adopted in the civil service, it is granted to them when their nature of work required to stay in the hospital after the official working hours or to do additional work in the emergency section or in the health centers, at the same time the reimbursement may be granted to doctors who are assigned official duties in non-emergency section and health centers at the request of the concern authority and the approval of CSB.

The dedicated government practice reimbursement is granted for consultant doctors in a monthly basis in return of not working in the private medicine, it is granted at the rate of 50%, 60%, and 70% from the basic salary for consultant doctors in professional grades 8,9 and 10 respectively, considering that the Ministry of Health needs the consultant doctors to be dedicated for its work, and the consultant doctor must work for at least nine hours a week outside the official working hours.

The stand by for consultant doctors reimbursement is granted at the rate of 1% from basic salary for each day the doctor works outside official working hours to follow up the status of patients and for keeping the doctor connected with the work to provide therapeutic consultancy

Both The stand by for consultant doctors and dedicated government practice Reimbursement can be granted to consultant doctors provided the dedicated government practice hours does not contradict with the days in which the employee is assigned to be a standby after official working hours, similarly the employee cannot have the nature of work reimbursement and overtime for doctors reimbursement and dedicated government practice reimbursement, at the same time the employee cannot have the nature of work and overtime for doctors Reimbursement and standby for consultant doctors.
The nursing reimbursement is granted at the rate of (50) or (100) dinars per month for Bahraini employees, who occupy some positions in some health units that have reluctance working in it, because of the working conditions and psychological pressures to which they are exposed, the nursing reimbursement and the nature of work reimbursement cannot be granted together to the employee, at the same CSB identifies the health unites that can be granted this reimbursement for the purpose of paying the employees working in it, as well as the categories entitled of the reimbursement.

Chairmanship Reimbursement is granted to employees occupying some position in Ministry of Health when they carry administrative burdens beside their essential tasks, the reimbursement is granted at the rate of (250) dinars per month for the head of doctors and the head of nursing services and granted at the rate of (200) dinars per month for the deputy head of doctors and deputy head of nursing services and granted at the rate of (150) dinars per month for the heads of the medical community and health centers, CSB can add other positions in other government entity.

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