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Civil service Cultural Column .. Incentive Awards
02 : 16 PM - 01/03/2014
In accordance to the prime minister edict No. (77) for the year 2013 in the issuance of the salaries and the employments benefits regulations and its eligibility controls for employees subjected to civil service law, the Bahraini employee appointed permanently can be granted an incentive award equivalent to the annual increment and not exceeding three steps, at the same time it must not exceed the last step of the employee grade, it is granted to the employee in recognition of the performance of high-quality, quantity of work, technical and professional knowledge, physical skills and the rest of the performance elements associated with the position including the functional behavior regulations.
The award has several conditions , the employee must obtain a very good rank on performance appraisal for the last two year, the employee is not granted this award for more than once every two years and a maximum of three times per grade, the employee must make a special effort or achieves economies in expenditure or has made an increase performance level, the award is not granted to an employee who has a disciplinary sanction and can get it only after erasing the penalty, at the same time it is not granted to employee suspended from work for the interest of the investigation, the employee deserve the award on an ongoing basis once he gets it and it is not deducted when the employee goes on leave with pay.

The award is granted at the rate not exceeding 10% of the manpower total in each government entity in the first of January, and granting it does not preclude the annual increment entitlement on time.

Each government entity forms a committee, this committee is specialized in reviewing nominations getting the incentive awards and rewards and make the necessary recommendations thereon, at the same time the committee prepares certificates for the incentive awards, rewards and end of service rewards for concern authority to sign on them, and it is given to the employee in annual ceremony.

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