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Civil service Bureau Cultural Column .. Part Time Employment Wage
05 : 07 PM - 17/02/2014
Part Time Employment, is the employment in which the employee works on a contract

basis for a specified period and his daily working hours shall be less than the daily

working hours for full time permanent employment. Part time employment contract

shall be with monthly lump sum pay calculated in terms of hours, day ,week ,month or

piece of work as agreed upon by the Government Entity and the candidate after the

approval of the Bureau provided that such pay does not exceed the maximum pay range

for the grade of that position.

CSB may establish part-time work special pay-rates for certain categories when it is

extremely difficult to attract highly qualified candidates for the work required or keep

in service certain categories of employees in accordance with the supply and demand

circumstances on the position in the labor market and the availability of the required

budget, the Part Time employment wage may be calculated on Hourly rate, daily rate,

monthly rate or lump sum amount basis.

The employee, who works in the field of teaching, his wage is determined by

compensating him for each teaching period at a fixed rates set by CSB in accordance

with the functional tasks entrusted to him, qualifications and educational program

level, and for the purpose of paying the wages, the teaching period ranging from forty

minutes to sixty minutes than it is counted as one hour and in the case if teaching is for

two continuous periods ranging from forty minutes to sixty minutes punctuated by rest

period than it is counted as two hours.
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