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Accompanying Leave
01 : 02 PM - 01/02/2014
Accompanying leave is a specific period in which the employee is authorized absence from work to accompany a patient, where the Ministry of Health decided to treat him abroad along with accompanying.
The Leave system in forced in Civil Service includes several types that contribute on employees surrounded circumstances, one of them is the special leave with pay to accompany a patient, it is granted to employee to accompany one of his relative up to four degree, once the concern medical commission decides to send a patient abroad for treatment along with accompanying , granting such leave is according to the period prescribed for the treatment and it shouldn't be more than sixty days per year, whether the period of the leave is continues or not continues.

Furthermore, the leave is granted to an employee to accompany a non-relatives patient in the absence of accompanying relative, after the approval of the Civil Service Bureau (CSB), also this leave is granted to the employee to accompany a sickrelative of his first-class once the physician decide that the patient needs accompany during the treatment in the Kingdom for a period not exceeding seven days continuous or non-continuous in a year and after the approval of the concern medical authority and in accordance with regulations prescribed by the Bureau.

Also, the employee is granted accompanying leave once again at the beginning of each calendar year, an annual leave with pay is considered in the case if the absence exceeds the approved period for the accompanying leave and the employee must have annual leave balance or it is considered as leave without pay, the employee is entitled for the accompanying leave once he completes the probationary period successfully.

There is no doubt, the granting of such leave to employees will contributes on strengthen social relationships between employees and their families, taking into account their circumstances and their feelings toward their sick relatives, which willhave a great impact on their psychological sides and the interest of the relatives

At the same time, a leave is granted to an employee mingles with a patient with a contagious disease for a period prescribed by the concern medical authority, once it decides to prevent him from practicing work for the mentioned reason, the employee shall inform his work, also a quarantine leave is granted for a period prescribed by the concern medical authority, the employee shall inform his work, and must submit the supporting certificates upon his return to duty.

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